Hyper, research project examining performance measurement among hybrid governance has begun this fall, enabled by a decision taken by Academy of Finland in the 2016 call round for Academy Projects in the area of culture and society.

Just a little before midsummer 2017, Academy of Finland announced it will grant a funding of 480 000 euros for the project. Composing the application was lead by professor Jarmo Vakkuri who will act as principal investigator with professor Jan-Erik Johanson as vice director.

As part of the application process, some of the reviewers stated the following.

“Studying the application of performance indicators in a field where there is considerable controversy if and how performance can be measured is highly innovative. As the examples clearly show, hybrid governance is a) present in sectors which are key to future of the society, and b) in the sectors that are politically contested”.

“The project also has a high value in the light of very recent developments, in the reorganization of Governments and governance at a global scale (Brexit/developments in US Government”.

“The project is also extremely relevant in the wake of the fourth industrial revolution in which organization structures… will become more hybrid and public values, well-being, and soft performance indicators will need to replace the traditional “value for money” approaches to public organizations”

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