Photo: Jonne Renvall

Petra Kokko is a PhD student in local public economics, in the faculty of management, university of Tampere. Her Ph.D. thesis addresses management control systems in the health care sector. The aim of the thesis is to describe the use of management control systems and performance information in health care. Moreover, the thesis aims to contribute to the design of customer-oriented performance management systems in health care. Petra has a comprehensive background in the health care sector; first as a nurse in operating rooms and after completing the Master’s degree in Business Administration (in 2003, University of Vaasa), as an accounting and finance expert in hospitals. More recently, Petra has worked as the director of national DRG Centre and head of patient classification unit. This position has given wide perspectives to the design and use of patient classification systems in social and health care, both nationally and internationally. Petra’s interest is in social and health care regimes and control systems using customer-centered information.