“Increasingly, the scholarly and practitioner communities recognize the organizational and social significance of hybrid organizations and processes of ‘hybridity.’ But theory and research have not kept pace with the rapid development of hybrids. Not until now. The authors provide a big step forward in our understanding of the causes, workings and implications of hybrid organizations. Their work is deeply informed by contemporary organization theory but also goes beyond it with a penetrating analysis of the social meaning of these new myth-breaking organizations. The book should of interest to anyone interested in hybrid organizations…or organizations, period.” – Barry Bozeman, Director, Center for Organization Research and Design, Arizona State University, USA

“Hybrid organizations flourish everywhere. For government agencies, hybridising with private businesses can enrich the capacities of government but also add extra layers of complexity. In this book, Johanson and Vakkuri offer a nuanced interpretation of the governance of hybrids. If you are interested in hybrid organizations, read this book.” – Irvine Lapsley, Professor of Accounting Emeritus, University of Edinburgh, UK

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