Jarmo Vakkuri gave a keynote presentation at the Bemine consortium meeting 7th June, 2018. Bemine -project is a large research consortium funded by the Strategic Research Council, Academy of Finland. The mission of Bemine project is to analyze urbanization, in particular with an emphasis on sustainable urban development. Vakkuri is one of the project directors in Bemine (see www.bemine.fi).

The idea of Vakkuri’s presentation was to explore the links between Hyper and Bemine projects, i.e. to discuss the impacts of hybrid forms of governance and organizations on sustainable urban policy-making. The presentation and discussions addressed the potential benefits of combining hybridity and hybrid governance with urban planning and policy-making. No doubt, there is indeed significant potential, both in terms of disciplinary collaboration, and in terms of understanding modern cities as hybrid systems.

Earlier this year, Vakkuri discussed this link in an edited volume of policy papers (in Finnish)(see, https://www.hel.fi/static/helsinki/julkaisut/kaupunkien-aikakausi-2018.pdf)


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